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Funny It's Not What It Sounds Like

It's like Pinterest, only without the nail art and cupcakes.

In this age of meggings (that’s leggings for men) and gender-neutral Easy-Bake Ovens, we knew it was only a matter of time before guys started clamoring for their own pinboard-like photo sharing website. Sure, it doesn’t say anywhere that Pinterest is for women only (even though over 80% of their users are women), but how are dudes supposed to feel welcome in an online community that seems solely devoted to nail art, flower arrangements, and cupcakes?

Enter, a site basically just like Pinterest, where you can save and share the most awesome and macho images you’ve found on the web. Here, you give bumps instead of hearts to signify likes, and nail photos onto your board instead of pinning them. Pinning is for girls!

What are the categories like? Well, there’s “House Stuff” in place of Interior Design, “Outdoor and Camping” instead of Gardening, and the more general category of “Manly Things,” which features plenty of items we’d consider only vaguely manly, like a recipe for whiskey, caramel, marshmallow, and bacon bark, Ronald Reagan, ‘epic fish tanks,’ and a baby bear climbing a tree. So for those of you who only feel comfortable sharing photos of baked goods and cuddly animals by digitally nailing them to what looks like a black wooden board, Manterest away!

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