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It's Day of the Dead! Maxim Editors Answer "How Do You Want To Die?"

It's Día de Muertos! We celebrated by being morbid and imagining our own eventual downfalls! Enjoy!

Photo: Antonio Scorza / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

How do you want to die?

Laura Leu, Senior Editor:
"Suffocated to death by a stampede of puppies."

Ken Gee, Copy Chief:
1. Spontaneous combustion on a golf course just before yipping a short birdie putt.
2. Dropped from the jaws of a pterodactyl into the ocean after successful time travel to the Jurassic era.
3. Swallowed by a sinkhole... to save on burial costs.
4. I want to post something unfunny on Funny or Die.

Christian Smith, Research Chief: "Strapped to a conveyer belt that's delivering me toward a spinning saw blade as I frantically try to get myself free. And then, right at the very last millisecond - I don't get free. Or I want to accidentally hang myself while working as a crew member on the next Medea movie. But realistically an AC unit is probably just going to fall on my head."

Stacey Pittman, Photo Editor: "I would like to go missing over the Bermuda Triangle, so hopefully all my selfies will live on in Discovery Channel specials."

Ken Shadford, Director of Video Content: "Heart disease."

Dan Bova, Chief Content Officer: "Eaten by a shark that's being eaten by a killer whale that's being harpooned by Ken Gee."

Nick Leftley, Online Executive Editor: "Ideally, I'd like to die in a manner that lends itself to a really good pun headline in the New York Post. So perhaps I could get run down by a van while exiting an exhibit on Australian wildlife, and they could go with, 'Truck-Killed Splatypus!'"

Heather Albano, Online Managing Editor: "Complete universe combustion - that way I don't have to worry about people I know being happy and having fun without me. I'd like to take you all down with me."

Justine Goodman, Online Senior Editorial Producer: "In space! Quick, painless, and with a really nice view. Just kidding, that sounds fucking awful. I’d be happy to just have a massive heart attack in my sleep in my eighties. And I don’t want to brag, but according to my last checkup, it’s looking good...Or, head in a vice!"

Stephanie Radvan, Senior Associate Editor: "By eating a giant plate of spaghetti, pizza, bagels, and anything else I have been missing out on due to my famous gluten allergy."

David Swanson, Deputy Editor: "Like Nelson Rockefeller."

Robin Greene, Photo Freelancer: "Like the old people in The Notebook."

Bailey Swilley, Online Production Editor: "What Laura said."

It's official: Here at Maxim we are a bunch of massive sickos. Happy Day of the Dead!

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