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Maxim Sleeps With the Fishes

And so can you! Help us name our new office pets and you could win this awesome aquarium.

OK, so we're not literally sleeping with the fishes; how could we even be writing this if we were dead, tied up in chains, and lying on the sea floor? That doesn’t even make sense. C’mon folks, think a little.

But we are sleeping with the fishes in the sense that: 1) Someone was kind enough to send a biOrb LIFE 45 aquarium to our office; and 2) We sleep at our desks for a good portion of the day. 

Want to win one? Keep reading!

The super-cool looking (and fun to say) biOrb currently resides on the office windowsill of our resident fish fanatic/creative director, Paul Scirecalabrisotto (also cool-looking and fun to say). See:

Nice, right? The aquarium comes with a 12V Intelligent LED Light, which automatically replicates a 24-hour light cycle, a super easy to use filtration system, and all sorts of rocks and plants.

The only thing it’s missing? Fish! Aforementioned fish freak Paul is out shopping for them now, and when he returns with some finned friends, we’re going to need your help with naming Maxim’s new mascots!

Check back here for pictures of our new pals and instructions on how to enter. Then bust out the fish baby name book—whoever comes up with the winning mascot monikers will win a free tank from biOrb!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

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