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Maxim's Super Bowl Party: Faces in the Crowd Edition


With rainy, cold weather hitting Tampa, it was all hands on deck for Maxim's annual Super Bowl party. Taking control of The Ritz Ybor, a multi-roomed club with a 1920s spin to it, Maxim provided refuge to a flotsam of A-list celebs, athletes, and–okay, we'll say it–very hot women. Patron was consumed, cigars were smoked, and music, mixed by DJ AM (plus surprise guests Joel and Benji Madden) penetrated eardrums until the very wee hours of the–ehem–AM. From watching The Office's Brian Baumgartner entertain a gaggle of girls to witnessing Terrell Owens sing embarrassingly bad back up vocals onstage (though, after a few margaritas, everything sort of just sounds blurry), it was a night we'll surely remember–and all that happened before we got a restraining order for stalking Maxim's on-site Hometown Hottie, April Rose. But you don't want to hear us blather about the totally awesome time we had, so go check out the photos below for a more vicarious recap of the crowd scene.

Be sure to check the blog later as we recoup and post more hot photos and videos from Super Bowl XLIII's superest party.

blog_15.jpg blog_11.jpg
A sneak peek at what's in store for the party's VIPs: an assortment of soft drinks,  big ol' bucket of ice, and a bottle of Patron.
Speaking of VIPs, Stacy Keibler entertains the media elves.

Shameless plug alert! Nick D'Agosto with two girls promoting the upcoming high school sex comedy, Fired Up, in theaters February 20. It's like The Dark Knight, minus Batman, but with more cheerleaders.

blog_9.jpg blog_10.jpg
These girls owe us five bucks for proving we work for Maxim. Hopefully, they'll believe the "our Ferrari is in the shop" line. Please?

blog_12.jpg blog_16.jpg
We got a tip that "the yellow ones" were very hot. Kind of racist, no? Not if it referred to these dancers posted at every corner.
Two girls united (especially after consuming numerous alcoholic beverages) cannot fall.

Hanging out with an Office mate we can actually stand!

Believe it or not, these smiles were not forced upon them by large human beings wielding electrified batons. Promise.

Good things come in threes...

Okay, maybe in sixes.