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Hook Up Your Mom On This Parents-Only Dating Site

For a special mother's day gift, why not replace your dad?


Somewhere near the very top of the list of things we never like to think about – the stuff we made up on our résumé, that night we drunkenly made out with a Baconator sandwich – is the notion of either of our parents on a date. But apparently there are more noble, less squeamish souls out there, because this website now exists:, a dating site for kids to set up their single parents.


Photo: Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


The brainchild of Brit dude Matt Connolly, the idea is to give lonely single moms and dads a nudge back into the dating world by signing them up and writing them a profile. The idea of trying to sexify a parent to potential daters sounds kinda horrifying to us, but Matt seems convinced that it’s not too much of an ordeal. “We make it super easy,” he claims. “When you start your parent’s profile, you'll be asked to write a little about them. We then send an invitation across to them and in the meantime, you can go into the site and search for people who you might think are a good match. If you see someone you think might be suitable, you can recommend them and they'll be the first person your mom/dad sees when they join the site. And hey, if you're still a little squeamish, just give it a try.”


The bad news for mom is that the site currently has four times more women signed up than men, although obviously this is great news for your dad (and the inevitable MILF-lovers who will no doubt flock here eventually). Still, if you’ve got a mom who needs a new man in her life, this seems like a nice way to say, “I love you, but you need to leave the house more” this Mother's Day.


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