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Meet The My Little Pony Air Force Squadron

The future terrorist hunters of America are the ultimate bronies.

The cadets of class 14-05 at the Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma have a…unique patch. But it’s not the first or last class patch that’s a little odd. According to Thomas R. Barger, 1Lt, USAF Deputy Chief, 71st Flying Training Wing, “The purpose of a class patch is to develop camaraderie, morale, and unity within a training class. It’s a token of esprit de corps.”

Designed as a joke to present to fellow classmates, the 14-05 had no idea the My Little Pony patch would make it all the way through the approval process.  When you’re training to fly the most expensive death-dealing machines ever invented by mankind, it’s nice to have a little sense of humor. “They thought it was so off the wall that it was hilarious,” says Lt. Barger. “They have embraced the irony and humor of the patch and in so doing have fostered closer ties with each other."

The patches often represent pop culture fads throughout history. As such, they’re an interesting historical marker that’s sure to make alien archeologists go, “Wait…the people who flew these weapons worshiped this ‘Chuck Norris’?”

And don’t worry - the Brony Squad isn’t going into combat with Fluttershy on their shoulders. As Lt. Barger explains, “Unit patches are different from class patches, which are unofficial and temporary, and only worn during training.” So if these fellas were to ever go down behind enemy lines, they’d be sure to impress their captors with an appropriately badass patch, like “the fighting, rabid, and extremely hungry wolverines with missiles for hands and bullets for teeth (did we mention they are hungry?) squad”.

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