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Meet Your New Nightmare: The Bat-Winged Toad

Na na na na na na na na Bat-Toad!

It seems like every day, Mother Nature is discovering new ways to freak us out. If it’s not a fish with an alleged penchant for eating testicles, it’s a sea-turd that can squirt its intestines at you. So what fresh new horror can we explore today? A combustible badger? A flesh-eating horse? An adult human being capable of watching a whole episode of Nancy Grace without vomiting blood? Nope – instead, photographed in a Peruvian forest, we have a toad that has wings sprouting out of its face.


Have you stopped screaming at the thought of one of these clammy beasts flap-hopping through your window in the middle of the night, and making a weird nest in your boxers? Good. Because it turns out, it’s not some kind of radioactive mutant after all: No, what we have here is a regular old cane toad that’s halfway through trying to swallow a live bat.


…Yeah. We’re suddenly not very hungry, either. Apparently it’s not uncommon for bats to fly quite low to the ground when hunting for insects, and in all likelihood, this one just flew right into the toad’s open mouth. According to the site that first published the photo, the toad eventually gave up trying to swallow the unfortunate bat, which recovered enough to fly away, presumably to head straight to the bat equivalent of a bar with the greatest “You’ll never guess who I just ran into!” story of all time.



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