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Mossip! This Week: Shia LaBeouf & Slaughtered Giraffes

Gossip is for girls; mossip is for men! While other people break news, Maxim busts it. Here are the top stories we care about today...

Photo: WireImage/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014
  • Shia LaBeouf stormed out of a Berlin press conference for his film Nymphomaniac wearing a paper bag over his head. Next time, try plastic. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • A drug treatment center in Vancouver has installed a crack-pipe vending machine at its facility. We can’t wait for the first “Rob Ford freaks out because the machine keeps spitting out his crumpled dollar bill” camera-phone video. [The Independent]
  • A zoo in Copenhagen killed and slaughtered a giraffe in front of children for fear it would inbreed. If fear of inbreeding is cause for death, Woody Allen, you may want to avoid trips to Copenhagen. [New York Post]
  • A man paid $250,000 for a Babe Ruth autographed ball. “How much would you pay for mine?” asked a hard-up Lance Armstrong. [Yahoo!]
  • Not many Americans are tuning in for NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. This is due to the huge time difference between Sochi and the United States. And also because it is the Olympics. [Breitbart]
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