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A Musical Of "Saved by the Bell"? We're So Excited! And So…Scared

Fans of Zack and the rest of the Bayside gang, grab your caffeine pills and rejoice.


Photos Courtesy of Curtis Peel

A duck covered with oil. A diner owner who moonlights as a magician. A teenage girl with a terrible addiction. Fans of Saved by the Bell, NBC's seminal teen sitcom from the early '90s, will immediately identify these characters as Becky, Max, and Jessie Spano. They'll also be happy to learn that there's finally a fitting tribute to the TV show that they probably remember better than their own high school years. Yes, Bayside! The Musical!, is the new giant-cell phone on the block of New York's theater scene. With songs with names like “The Only Students of Bayside High," “Screech’s Secret Sauce," and “Too Poor For Prom,” it's clear that the writers of the show are true fans themselves. Check out this trailer, a spot-on parody of the classic "Johnny Dakota" episode. (C'mon, don't act like you don't remember.)

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