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In-N-Out's Menu Decoded

In-N-Out’s off-the-book menu is the stuff of legend. Rule 1: Know their lingo.

Secret Menu Decoded

Animal Style.
Mustard-cooked beef patty, extra pickles, extra sauce with grilled onions.

The Flying Dutchman.
Two patties, two slices of cheese. No lettuce. No onions. No bun.

Grilled Cheese.
Cheeseburger without the “burger.”

Protein Style.
Any burger wrapped in lettuce, with no bun.

Fries, Animal Style.
French fries with secret sauce, onions, and cheese on top.¿

Monkey Style.

Animal-style burger, French fries on top.

Road Kill.
Animal-style fries with chopped patty, ketchup.

One hundred patties, one hundred slices of cheese, on a single bun. Now banned.

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