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Newsflash: Donald Trump Is The Joker

Can we legally declare this guy insane yet?

Well, Donald J. Trump's big, election-shaking "announcement" just happened, and…huh?  Did he…did he really just offer the President an ultimatum, telling him to release all his college and passport documents, in return for a $5 million donation to a charity of the President's choice? Because that…that doesn't even make any sense. Oh, sure, the idea is for people to say, "Well, hey – if the President DOESN'T do such a simple thing to benefit a charity, then he must have something to hide!" But what it's actually got people who don't wear foil hats saying is, "Oh, they re-made Tim Burton's Batman with Donald Trump as the Joker? That's weird." Because we're really struggling to tell the difference between these two videos right now:

Trump being Trump.

It's maybe the least fun game of spot-the-difference we've ever played.