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No More YOLO, LOL!

The worst words from 2012 may be on their way out. Thank God.

The latest crop of abbreviations, lazy grammatical errors, and asinine definitions for words that shouldn't exist may be coming to an end, thanks to the 38th annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse, and General Uselessness. Sweet, irritating gems such as "YOLO," "trending," "spoiler alert," and "LOL" are among the inarticulate creations to make the list, despite cries of protest from teenie-boppers-turned-old-men-who-hibernate-in-their-mom's-basement. While those particular choices are really, really annoying, and will not be missed by anyone in this office, we (of course) felt the need to add a few more of our own. Get ready to ROFL since YOLO, bro-montana (gotta use them up now before it's too late). 

"'Organic.' It’s just a way to sell milk for $7 a quart and make you feel like a cheap fat-ass if you don’t buy it."
-Justine Goodman,

"'Artisanal,' very similar to organic. An even fancier word that tries to make you feel hip and earthy when buying a $8 cup of artisanal coffee or a $14 block of artisanal cheese. I also don't like the term "farm fresh eggs" Presumably all eggs come fresh from a farm."
-Stephanie Radvan, Maxim

"'You guys.' Two words, I know, but you guys, those two words are taking over the internet, you guys."
-David Swanson, Maxim

"'Literally,' because it either adds nothing to what you say: "I literally can't stand my boss." Or it isn't true: "I literally ate a million Russell Stover chocolates on Christmas Eve." Yet in conversation, people embellish literally every sentence with it.
-Ken Gee, Maxim

"'Reboot.' You haven't "rebooted" your franchise, you just couldn't afford to get the actors to come back for another sequel."
-Nick Leftley,

"'Foodie.' Seems to me this is just someone who eats who is also an insufferable asshole."
-Patrick Carone, Maxim

"'Swag.' If you see the need to say it, you most definitely don’t have it.”
-Cameron Berkman,

"'Redneckognize.' Actually, who am I kidding? That word’s awesome!"
-Bailey Swilley,

"'Meh:' A lazy and unimaginative way to insult something that is lazy and unimaginative. Go meh yourself in the dickhole, people who still write this word. And 'indeed;' Who the fuck are you, Sherlock Holmes?"
Dan Bova, Maxim

"'Amazeballs,' because it reminds me of spaghetti and meatballs. And not in a good way."
-Alexa Lyons,

"'Behoove.' It just makes you sound like a jackass, even if you’re using it correctly."
-Heather Albano,

"'Definitely,' because if it doesn't exist, people won't misspell it anymore."
-Laura Leu, Maxim

"I actually think the word 'amazing' should be banned. Along with the word 'actually.' 'Actually,' to me, tells people that what they are saying isn't true. And not everything can be amazing. Put 'brilliant' in that league, as well."
-Stan Williams, Maxim

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