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Oh Yeah! It’s A Kool-Aid Comeback

There’s a new Kool-Aid Man in town, and apparently he’s much cooler.

The people at Kool-Aid have a hunch that you haven’t enjoyed their fluorescent flavored drink mix since your 10th birthday party…and they’re probably right. So in a bid to recapture your attention, they’ve given their mascot a makeover. Gone is the cartoon-looking, jorts-wearing pitcher of the 2000s. New Kool-Aid Man is much more sleek. He’s CGI-generated and has gone back to his classic, pants-less roots. And if you’re one of those people that claim not to care about looks, new Kool-Aid Man supposedly has “expanded vocabulary and developed personality.” So, in theory, you could have a meaningful conversation. Most importantly, though, it seems you no longer have to worry about him randomly bursting through your walls (at least not as much as before) since his handlers have assured everyone that he now also spends his time at the gym, hanging out with neighbors, and overseeing his own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Let's all go drink the Kool-Aid!

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