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Oreo Dunking, and 4 Other Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending in social media this week. [Feb 2 – Feb 8]

When the power went out during this year’s Super Bowl, the game may have stopped, but the social media action didn’t. The Oreo Advertising peeps saw the blackout as an opportunity, quickly tweeting out a simple image of an Oreo cookie surrounded by darkness with a slogan that read, “You can still dunk in the dark.”

Hey, Oreo ad guys, I have a future cookie pimping opportunity capitalizing on the misfortune of one Ben Affleck. He may have been passed over by the Oscar people for a best director nod, but that doesn’t mean Ben’s not a winner… “You can still dunk when you're snubbed!”

Carl’s Jr. had a super idea to put their new cod fish sandwich in the hands of Nina Agdal, a sexy Sports Illustrated model, and have her roll around half-naked on a beach. This high concept is turning heads!

You’re now faced with the toughest decision of the day… eat a fish sandwich and then "visit the bathroom", or "visit the bathroom" and then eat a fish sandwich.

A young, sexy, half-naked, pot-smoking high school math teacher is getting Twitter support from her soon-to-be former students who are pleading for her to not be fired with a #freecrunkbear campaign.

You’re now faced with the second toughest decision of the day… do your math homework and then "visit the bathroom", or "visit the bathroom" and then do your math homework.

A woman in search of her biological parents used Facebook in hopes of making a connection. With more than 150,000 people sharing her story, and 16,000 ‘likes,’ word spread and she was successfully reunited with her parents!

Not to make light of that family reunion, but it turns out I lost a button off my jacket, so please help this message go viral, because it’s freezing out here. 

Trendrr released some incredible statistics regarding last week’s Ravens vs. 49’ers Super Bowl. The social media activity was the largest it has ever been for a live event, crushing former records by up to three times!

Turns out social media enthusiasts and sports fans may not be one and the same, as the most batted-around moment of the Super Bowl actually happened during the halftime show. Who knew that Destiny’s Child would score the most points of the night?

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