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Our Favorite Cross-eyed Critters

Their double vision means double the cute! Sorry, we're really hungover and this is helping.

Spangles, the Cross-Eyed Cat
Born on the Fourth of July, Spangles was named after the star-spangled banner. (Missed moniker opportunity: “Wonkeye Doodle Dandy”). The three-year-old tabby’s asymmetrical orbs and penchant for dressing up in costumes has made him famous on Facebook — with over 10,000 “likes” already. His owner claims he can “see perfectly fine,” but if he’s going out in public wearing this, we find that hard to believe. 


Heidi, the Cross-Eyed Opossum
Heidi shot to international fame after a tabloid published photos of her looking cuddly and crazy-eyed at Leipzig Zoo in Germany. Soonafter, she had a hit music video, stuffed animals made in her likeness and invites to appear on late-night talk shows. But like many young It Girls whose stars rise too quickly, the marsupial faced a tragic demise, when she was euthanized for an “unspecified health condition.” (PR speak for “drug overdose.”)


Frank, the Cross-eyed Wildcat
Frank, a type of wildcat known as an eyra, was dealt a bad genetics hand. Not only was he born a redhead, but he also has eyeballs that are in a permanent state of derp. Like Heidi, he hails from a Deutschland zoo, making Germany a country known for embracing physical disabilities and differences in mammals. Hitler would be so proud.

Henry, the Cross-eyed Lion
This old wire photo from 1954 shows Henry “peering from his lonely Washington Zoo cage in a sort of sad manner” after being “cast aside by his mother.” The photo is being sold on eBay, so if you’re in the market for a terribly depressed cross-eyed lion with abandonment issues, it's all yours for 15 bucks.

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