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Our Future Spaceships Will Be Powered By Dubstep

Scientists have figured out what anti-matter sounds like...and it sounds kinda familiar.

Photo: Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


If Star Trek and other similar shows are to be believed, then in the future, our space-faring vessels will be powered by antimatter, which is like regular matter, only it wears a small, pointy goatee (sorry, we may have taken the Star Trek thing too far). In theory, this is actually possible, but scientists are still struggling to figure out how to make it happen, since they're too busy doing stuff like hanging around emergency rooms, trying to mooch a beer. What scientists over at the Large Hadron Collider have discovered, however, is what antimatter actually sounds like. And guess what? It sounds an awful lot like dubstep:



According to the Gizmodo article, these noises had to be hugely slowed down in order to be audible to the human ear, since the particles are switching back and forth between matter and antimatter 3 million times every second. Still, the main thing is, who knew that antimatter was capable of making such cool wubwubwubwub noises? Now, the next step is obvious: Can someone please make the dubstep gun from Saints Row 4 a reality? Please? Because that would just be amazing.



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