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“Pacific Rim And 10 Other Action Films That Sound Like Sex Moves

Anyone want to take a guess as to what a Bangkok Knockout might involve?

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


You wouldn’t know it, but every now and again, we here at Maxim Maxim, of all places! – occasionally find things funny that are a little bit immature. Sounds crazy, right? But, yeah, it’s true. So naturally, when we heard that there was a movie called Pacific Rim, we smirked a little bit. Then we found out that it was about giant robots fisting dinosaurs, and we smirked a little bit harder. Then we had a bit of a nap, then thought about it being called Pacific Rim again and began a whole new smirk. In short, we found the name funny and started thinking of all the other action flicks we’d seen over the years that belonged in a sex manual. If you have any idea how these moves might play out, leave your suggestions in the comments! Or, on second thought, don’t.


Bangkok Knockout

This would probably lead to a bad case of Bangkok Dangerous.


Hot Fuzz

One for shaving fetishists, presumably?


The Hurt Locker

One to practice very, very carefully…


Triple Tap

Ok, some of these are more obvious than others.


The Twins Effect

Whatever this is, we want to experience it, immediately.


Double Impact

We’re guessing this is how you finish up after performing The Twins Effect.


Tokyo Drift
This is either a sex move, or some kind of bowel disorder.


Jack Reacher

Probably requires a certain degree of flexibility.


Fist Of Legend

Definitely not to be performed on a first date.


Hell Ride

Eh, we’ve all been there.


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