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Parade Confetti Revealed as Confidential Police Documents

Immediately after which the documents became WAY less confidential.

(Photo: Carlo Allegri / Reuters / Landov | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012)

You may have been unwillingly featured in last week's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you weren't part of a catchy Broadway ditty or sweating your ass off inside of a giant turkey costume, you may have still earned a little screen time, granted you've had a foggy night that landed you in the drunk tank.

Parade spectators were taking in the sights when they noticed that the confetti was made of printed documents. What kind of documents, you ask? Well, you inquisitive soul, it was the worst documents you could possibly make confetti out of. The shredded paper featured unobscured incident reports: names, phone numbers, addresses and social security numbers. Even worse, the documents that were reportedly from the Nassau Police Department revealed the identities of several undercover police officers, along with their social security numbers and their banking information.

The department in investigating how the documents made it out to the parade route, but they are considering Santa Claus a "person of interest."

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