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Please Tell Us Rex Ryan’s Tattoo of His Wife Wearing a Mark Sanchez Jersey Is Real

We want to believe…

According to the New York Daily News, noted possible foot fetishist and New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was spotted in the Bahamas sporting some interesting ink. Below a classy shamrock on Ryan’s right arm, photogs captured a tattoo of what appears to be his wife, Michelle Ryan, rocking a no. 6 Jets jersey.That would be the number of Jets QB and notorious butt-fumbler Mark Sanchez.

While this revelation opens up avenues of NFL fan fiction we’d rather not explore – not to mention reminding us of all those other terrible athlete tattoos - there’s a more important question here: Where, exactly, is the corresponding Tim Tebow tattoo?

Some possibilities:

1. Just below a tattoo of Skip Bayless on Michelle Ryan’s lower back
2. Positioned perfectly on Rex’s grundle so that Tebow’s throwing hand syncs exactly with his coach’s butthole
3. Right above Rex’s groin with the phrase “If you ain’t prayin’, you ain’t playin’!”

And somewhere, there’s a tattoo of Greg McElroy sitting on the bench.

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