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President Schwarzenegger? If Arnold Gets His Way, It Just Might Happen

It'll take a change to the Constitution, but if he can do it, who else would you want to see in the White House? Here are 10 suggestions...

Photo: Everett Digital | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been lobbying for a Constitutional change that would allow him – a foreign-born US citizen — to run for president in 2016. As the law stands, only "natural born citizens" (those born in the United States) are eligible for the highest office in the land, which is a rather large wrinkle for the Austrian-born Ah-nuld, who’s made no secret of his presidential ambitions. On the bright side, if Schwarzenegger gets his way, it could open the door to a whole load of other potential candidates. Here are the ten foreign-born citizens we'd most like to see challenge the former Governator:

Bruce Willis
Born: Germany
Arnie's fellow "Inexpendable" and Planet Hollywood business partner was born to a US soldier and a German mother, and came to the United States when he was just two years old. If Schwarzenegger were to get the GOP nomination, and Willis — who has called himself apolitical, with certain Republican leanings — were to challenge him, we could be in for a truly action-packed campaign. John McClain vs. the Terminator? Count us in!

Jerry Springer
Born: England
Unlike most of the names on this list, the erstwhile talk show host has actual political experience, having served as Mayor of Cincinatti in the late seventies - this despite a scandal several years before when he hired a prostitute...and the check bounced. Still, as we all know from his TV career, the guy has a knack for conflict resolution, and that big, bald bouncer would make a great Secretary of Defense.

Pamela Anderson
Born: Canada
It's no secret that Hillary Clinton is looking to become the first female president, but if Pamela could run, can't you imagine her winning the 18-35 male demographic? 

Dave Matthews
Born: South Africa
If there's anyone who could soothe government discord it's the super-mellow, acoustic-guitar strumming Matthews, who has made no secret of his liberal politics. Plus, he's a member of Farm Aid's board of directors along with Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Can you say "legalized weed"?

Gene Simmons
Born: Israel
The man born Chaim Witz moved with his family from Haifa, Israel, to Queens, New York when he was eight years old, speaking not a word of English. A Mitt Romney supporter in 2012, Simmons claimed “America should be in business and it should be run by a businessman," and if there was ever a band that was more of a business than KISS, we can't think of it. However, we would only support a Simmons candidacy if he vowed to take the oath of office in full Demon makeup.

Dr. Ruth 
Born: Germany
Just think, in addition to being our first female president, the 4 ft 7 in, 85-year-old sex therapist could be the oldest and shortest as well! That's gotta count for something, right?

Sammy Sosa
Born: Dominican Republic
Gerald Ford helped the University of Michigan football team to two national titles, and George Bush Sr. was captain of Yale's baseball team, so it's not like an athlete can't hack it in the White House. And given his creepy new appearance, Slammin' Sammy would appeal to black voters, white voters, Hispanic voters and vampire voters. That’s some coalition.

Siegfried & Roy
Born: Germany 
Obviously, the famously flamboyant animal trainers would have to run as a ticket, and we really don't care which one runs as President and which as Vice President as long as the White House lawn is full of lions and tigers. Sure, Bo is pretty cute, but can he maul out-of-line congressmen?

Tian Tian the Panda
Born: China
Hell, if we're going to change the Constitution anyway, why not allow an adorable Panda to run for President? Who doesn't love a panda!? Tian Tian would be sure to help US-Chinese relations, and as luck would have it, he already lives in Washington, at the National Zoo. 

Ted Cruz
Born: Canada
The only potential candidate on this list who could legitimately challenge Arnold for the Republican nomination, the Senator from Texas recently renounced his Canadian citizenship ahead of a possible run for the White House. And really, is anybody going to remember the fact that he nearly shut down the government three years from now?

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