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Prince Andrew Has Joined Twitter – Here Are Some Other Royals You Should Follow Instead

We’re using the term “Royals” pretty loosely, here.

Photo by Will Oliver/Getty Images


Ah, the British Royal family. We get all excited about throwing off their imperial rule every July 4th, but then the next day we go right back to being excited about Kate Middleton baby news. It seems our love-hate relationship with them (or, to be more accurate, largely-indifferent-unless-it-involves-a-young-attractive-princess relationship) will continue, as Prince Andrew (yes, the guy who married Fergie) has just become the first Royal on Twitter, with the admittedly baller handle of @TheDukeOfYork. Honestly, it’s about as exciting as you’d expect, with the only actual tweet from the man himself – rather than whoever gets paid to run his account – simply saying, “Welcome to my Twitter account.” Of course, that hasn’t stopped him amassing over 15,000 followers in a few short hours, because this is Twitter, and people get excited over pointless stuff. But rather than follow his boring account, why not try one of these other “royals” instead?




Is this Prince’s real Twitter account? Probably not! But considering it has 38,499 followers on the basis of a single tweet – from 2009! – it’s obviously attracting his fans. Just like this one. And this one. Aaaand this one.


Queens Of The Stone Age

Would you rather get updates from one of the world’s greatest stoner rock bands, or a middle-aged aristocrat who gets his assistant to tweet about how happy he was to open a community center?


Kansas City Royals

Sure, they’re named after a horse show, rather than actual royalty. But if there’s one thing that real British royals do well, it’s reminding us of horses.


Jerry “The King” Lawler

Our love of Jerry’s commentary is legendary, but if you really want to see something amazing, check out The King’s Twitter feed. We’re more than happy to put up with the endless shilling if it means seeing anything as hilariously bizarre as this picture.



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