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Reader Review: Your Best & Worst Comments [10/12 - 10/18]

You took to, Facebook, and Twitter to say funny things and call us names, and we loved it. Here are the nicest, funniest, and shittiest things you said to us this week.

This may be the best explanation for the shutdown we've seen so far.


Even bigger mistake to call Batman a douchebag, right, you guys? [Looks around for high five, sees only empty room. Sobs into Spider-Man pillow case]


Aw, it's always nice to see someone being such a good loser.


Oh my God, he's right! That's totally all rap is! We've looked into this further, and it turns out the whole entertainment industry is just one massive conspiracy! Acting is just pretending to be someone else! Singing is just making sounds come out of your mouth! Where does it end? How far does it go?? We've got to blow this one wide open!


Touché, sir.


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