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Reader Review: Your Best & Worst Comments [10/26 - 11/1]

You took to, Facebook, and Twitter to say funny things and call us names, and we loved it. Here are the nicest, funniest, and shittiest things you said to us this week.

Right now? Is everything ok? It's not Paw, is it? Please don't say it's Paw!

We are firm believers that actual pastrami is sexy enough already. 

Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it. How'd you guess? Also, you aren't the Bob Villa, are you?

Ohhh, burned! We think.

In order to find the answer to the question you seek you must travel over the ancient land-bridges to the lair of the three scorpions. Answer the riddle of the Minotaur and then move on to the maze of Ethelahawu. Follow the path of the righteous (only the pure of heart can find it) until you arrive at a clearing. Then, go to the airport, go home, and click the link directly above the photo. It says it right in there, man.

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