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Reader Review: Your Best & Worst Comments [12/14-12/20]

You took to Facebook and Twitter to say funny things and call us names, and we loved it. Here are the nicest, funniest, and shittiest things you said to us this week.

Be careful, these are apes, not monkeys - don't make them mad, Marc. It's like you don't even care about surviving the uprising. 

Right you are, John. These dumb superheroes should keep the opinions that we totally fabricated to themselves. 

It's about time someone outed that guy for the fat and jolly thug that he is. 

Good to know, Ron, because we have a strict "No Ghost Commenters" rule. 

We would never encourage drugging anyone - much less a family member - but for totally unrelated reasons, how do you get them to take it?

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