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Reader Review: Your Best & Worst Comments [2/18 - 2/22]

You said funny things and called us names, and we loved it. Here are the nicest, funniest, and shittiest things you said to us this week. You can find last week's installment right here.

We agree, Ajay. Drugs are bad, while that photo is very, very good.

We didn't understand this comment, but then we opened our minds, and like, wow man. We are all the cheeseburger.

If anyone's going to spring break, look for a guy with a ducky and lots of fresh batteries. He's totally down to splash.

You said it best, Drew: strange.

You know what, Tim? It's this kind of sophomoric nonsense that, umm, really makes us look and, uhh, feel like... Who are we kidding, that's hilarious.

We love that dood too! Mostly for whipping our editor Pat into shape. 

Good point. If you'd like to discuss this further, we'll be over here in this corner. 

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