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Reader Review: Your Best & Worst Comments [5/20 - 5/24]

You took to, Facebook, and Twitter to say funny things and call us names, and we loved it. Here are the nicest, funniest, and shittiest things you said to us this week.

You know there's literally a thousand girls for you to choose from if you just click, right? Not just these three. 

We do too, Ryan. We, uh, totally planned it that way too.

We do too, Jeremy. She's got A LOT of personality. 

I think you may be outnumbered here, Justus. 

We know what you mean. We have a raccoon in our bed, and it's totally unsett...oh, you meant the raccoon in the article. Yeah, that too. See you next week, we need to get on the horn with animal control. 

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