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Real Adventures in Flesh-Eating

Zombies aren't the only ones who sometimes have the urge to feast on human flesh.

Photo Courtesy of Orion Pictures Corporation

A recent subway ride in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou nearly turned fatal after a 67-year-old retiree began gnawing on a 28-year-old man’s arm after he refused to give up his seat. Onlookers didn't intervene, per se, but they did whip out their iPhones and video cameras to capture the insane altercation. And that's kind of like helping, isn't it? The most disturbing thing is that this kind of attack isn't that uncommon. Here are some other notable flesh-eating incidents.

1. Richard Cimino Jr.
In early September, 2012, Pennsylvania native Richard Cimino Jr. stripped down to his skivvies, broke into a house, then jumped from a second-story window only to tackle a passerby and gnaw on her head. If he hadn’t drenched the poor girl in his own blood and scared her off with his horrifying screams, they might have made a cute couple.

2. Rudy Eugene
In May of 2012, Rudy Eugene was shot dead by Miami police after devouring a sleeping homeless man’s eyes, nose, and ears, leaving only 25% of his face still intact. Doctors and news reporters claimed Eugene was tripping on some hardcore drugs, possibly bath salts. But the scariest part about this one is that toxicology reports later showed that the only elicit substance in his system was marijuana. What the fuck?

3. Albert Fish
Deemed “the Real Life Hannibal Lector,” early 20th century American serial killer Albert Fish was known for cooking his young victims for personal consumption. After abducting 10-year-old Grace Budd and strangling her in an abandoned house, Fish sent a letter to the girl's family describing, in great detail, how it took nine consecutive days to ingest her entire body.

4. An Unnamed Swede
Earlier this year, a prominent 52-year-old Stockholm researcher suspected that his super-hot young wife was having an affair, so he did what anyone would do: Flew into a jealous rage and proceeed to cut off her lips with a scalpel and eat them.

5. Alexander Kinyua
21-year-old Alexander Kinyua admitted to killing and eating the heart and brain of his family's houseguest in May of 2012. To be fair, we also did some really weird things when we were 21.

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