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Say Hello to Our Favorite Animal Hybrids

In honor of the world's newest "geep" (goat-sheep), we're rounding up other unlikely two-in-one creatures we love.

Geep (Goat + Sheep)

Photo: Niall Carson / PA Photos / Landov

Last week, an Irish farmer claimed to have accidentally bred a sheep with a goat (a rarity known as a “shoat” or a “geep”), and now he’s launching a contest to name the little freak, with proceeds going toward a local charity. Said Paddy Murphy, who also owns a pub (Jesus, could this guy be more of a stereotype?), of his ewe’s immaculate conception: "I only have white-faced Cheviot sheep, and when this one came out it was black. It was moving a bit too quickly for a lamb. Its legs were very long, and he even has horns like a goat." Paddy’s prize has inspired us to rank some of our all-time favorite hybrids. And then it inspired us to go to church, because clearly the apocalypse is upon us.

Liger (Lioness + Tiger)

Photo: GW Zoo / Barcroft USA / Landov

There’s a reason Napoleon Dynamite ranks the liger as "pretty much my favorite animal." These only-in-captivity created creatures (tigers and lions don’t share the same habitats out in the wild) come complete with furry manes and stripes. What’s not to love? Apart from the fact that they can still kill you, of course…

Zorse (Zebra + Horse)

Photo: Reuters / Landov

When a zebra stallion and a plain old mare love each other very much, the result can sometimes be this here zorse (a.k.a. zebroid). They’re supposedly far more difficult to train, or handle, than purebred horses. Also, a lot weirder looking.

Grolar Bear (Grizzly Bear + Polar Bear)

Photo: Anette Mossbacher / Imagebroker / Corbis

Let’s first admit the obvious - that the idea of a polar bear and a grizzly mating is almost as horrifying as, well, any of these unions - and then enjoy the fact that the grolar bear is one of nature’s few hybridizations that actually does happen in the wild. And with wider frequency, of late, which experts blame on climate change. We knew global warming had its upsides!

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