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Shia LaBeouf Uses Skywriter For Weirdest Apology Ever

Couldn't he just have sent a nice card?

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Last month (well, technically last year), "misguided" movie star Shia LaBeouf was caught plagiarizing material from graphic-novel god Daniel Clowes. Bad move, right? Then, to make matters worse, the dolt plagiarized his apology for said thievery. Got all that? Well, hold on, because things get even weirder. Yesterday, on New Year's Day, Shia hired a skywriter to fly over Los Angeles and write the message "I am sorry Daniel Clowes." He then tweeted said apology for all the world to see. Seems Shia really wants everyone to know that he feels really bad about the situation, perhaps because word is out that Clowes is considering legal action. Looks like Shia is just making mistake after mistake, but hey, at least he didn't hire this guy to spread his message…

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