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So a Monkey in a Sheepskin Jacket Wanders into an Ikea

It’s not a joke, it’s the news.

Oh, Canada. The land of lumberjacks, maple syrup, Mounties, and very strong beer has just added another strength to its résumé. It seems that our neighbors to the north get to pick out bargain furniture alongside hilariously dressed primates.

Apparently an owner of an illegal monkey had the hankering for meatballs with lingonberry and couldn’t wait for the monkeysitter. So the intrepid North Torontonian threw the monkey in a crate and left him in the back of his car in the parking lot while he stuffed his Canuck face. Monkey Houdini was able to escape his (probably smelly) captivity and wandered around the lot for a spell before being scooped up by animal control. The owner eventually released the monkey into a sanctuary devoid of dangerous cars and moronic owners who leave him in the backseat at an Ikea.

No word on whether or not the monkey was able to successfully assemble its Fleürg.

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