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Spain Has the Perfect Solution for Unpicked-Up Dog Poop: The Mail!

It’s not like our mailbox isn’t full of crap anyway…

Photo by iStockphoto

Nothing can ruin a day worse than realizing you're the answer to that million dollar question, "Hey, what's that smell?" Not only can stepping in dog shit ruin a good pair of shoes (and your carpet), but the lazy dog owner normally gets away with it. Natural justice would suggest that all these people receive flaming bags of poop on their doorsteps, but while society has tried just about everything that's legally allowed to stop these disgusting dog owners, so far, nothing has deterred the repeat offenders, and we're still stepping in the stuff during our daily walks (which is especially disturbing since our “daily walk” is normally just for second helpings at the Chinese lunch buffet).

One Spanish town, however, has come up with a genius way of handling the problem: According to The Telegraph, they actually mail their dog poop back to the owner who refused to pick it up. The only way that could be more deliciously cruel is if they labeled the box "gourmet string chocolate."

Here’s how it works: A group of very enthusiastic volunteers monitor dog owners in the park, and if they fail to pick up after their dog, they casually strike up a conversation with the owner. They get the dog's name and, because all owners are required to register their pets with the town hall, they mail the poop back to the owners in a box marked "Lost Property." It seems to have worked, too, because the town has seen a 70 percent drop in droppings in their parks and on their sidewalks. On the flipside, we're sure it's only a matter of time before they start to see a rise in postal worker strikes.

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