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Steve-O’s Gross Condom & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [Sept 21 – Sept 27]

[1] Jackass’s own Steve-O may be older, but he is far from wiser, as seen in this video where he walks around with what appears to be a used condom and takes pictures with adoring (and then mortified) fans.

If you think that’s distracting, you should see what he does when you’re trying to sing Christmas carols:



[2] Twitter has entered the arduous process of going public on the NYSE, which should net the company about $1.5 billion.

Looks like it’s Twitter’s turn to finally get a taste of how hard it is to get Verified!



[3] Sir Paul McCartney tweeted a Vine of his new album cover, revealing brightly colored neon lights in an abstract pattern.

This is pretty much how everything has looked to Paul since about 1966.



[4] YouTube announced a new filter that will be applied to the comments section of videos. Channel owners will now be able to flag and remove certain words that they do not want to allow in the comment section under their videos.

I plan on blocking the following words on all my submissions: "Please," "for," "the," "love," "of," "God," "stop," "posting," "videos," "of," "your," "misshapen," "penis."



[5] Twitter is now offering a service that provides emergency alerts from a trusted source through its platform.

Trusting a source on Twitter is like leaving your lunch in the Maxim office fridge…you just don’t do it!



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