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Stuff Our Mailboxes, Please

Got weird stuff? Send it to us!

The end of October has hit the Maxim office like a sack of bricks. The time for us to start making our Christmas lists has arrived. Problem is, we don’t know what to buy!

Here’s where you come in - we need ideas! Have you come across anything freakishly weird lately? Has something odd tickled your trouser-snake? Have you played with something that made you squeal like a 5-year-old?

We know you guys enjoy reading about the weird things we get in the mail as much as we love receiving them. So if you or your company makes something bizarrely awesome, catastrophically outlandish, or interestingly sexual, send it on over and we’ll try it out, or at least make an intern screw around with it! The weirder, wackier or tastier, the better.

Packages that have graced our mailbox include:


It’s an Obama-shaped vibrator – perfect for either making sweet love to or hate-sex, depending on your political stance.

Blunt Magic

Ever needed to disguise the smell of your, er, “jazz cigarettes”? Now you can! Because, “I’m smoking something that smells strongly of grapes” is in no way suspicious.

TENGA Flip: Air Rubber Vagina

Only in looking back through all the weird, wonderful things we’ve received we noticed that we featured this product twice. Well, to our defense we featured two different models of it. Just goes to show how quickly you can suppress the memory of a rubber vagina.

Medea Vodka

Want to express yourself through the medium of scrolling LEDs on the side of a bottle of vodka? Good for you, sir!

Send your stuff to:

Attn: We Got It In The Mail
Alpha Media Group
415 Madison Avenue, 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10017

Or email us at:

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