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Tennis = Twitter Followers, And Four Other Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending in social media this week. [Jan 19 – Jan 25]

Katie Couric sat down to try and decipher fact from fiction regarding a bizarre love story involving Notre Dame Star Manti Te’o and his alive or dead -- real or imaginary -- online girlfriend.
To add some clarity to this mess all anybody needs to do is interview Manti Te’o’s imaginary childhood friend, who died in 1987 but can still be found on Facebook trying to date the Washington Redskins.

Many are not aware that during the inauguration we actually swore in the President of the United States, because all anyone can talk about is Beyonce lip-synching the National Anthem.
It’s good to know that, as a country, we’re still really focusing on the important issues.

Google is working to revolutionize the way we communicate with ‘Google Glass’. In the not so distant future, a person will be able to wear glasses with a special display screen allowing them to blink their eyes to call up information and use audible commands to search the web, all without lifting a finger.
A sea of people walking around wearing nerdy glasses and talking to themselves while excessively blinking and bumping into shit... sign me up! 

Folgers Coffee has launched a jingle contest online. You can win a cool 25k for coming up with a new jingle to replace the old one, which is: The best part of waking up… is Folgers in your cup!
The best part of waking up… is absolutely anything but Folgers in my cup! Did I win?

Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images

Rising teenage tennis star Sloane Stephens just won the Australian Open.  Winning the match was pretty cool, but young Sloane said she was more excited by all the new Twitter followers she hoped to gain from the exposure.
You’re a true champion, Sloane! Not to bum you out, though, but Big Ben - the bell of that big clock in London - has 318,681 more Twitter followers than you.  If the clock decides to pick up a racket and wear a tennis skirt, you may never catch up! Now, talking of Twitter, I wanted to share a social media experiment with you that will involve me guinea-pigging my face. Do you think it’s possible to go from complete obscurity to “The Most Recognized Person in America?” Well, with your help, I’m going to find out. You can help me on my quest by passing my face (below) to everyone you know like a virtual hot potato.

Visit my website
for more information about my mission and my face. RECOGNIZE!

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