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Inspired monologues and witty banter might win awards, but nothing beats a scene-stealing mouth fart.

Summer Rental-

The end credits on this John Candy classic simply (and appropriately) label this guy "Fat Man," a moniker that should be reserved only for those who are fluent in belch.

Weird Science-

Wyatt's older brother isn't just an aspiring Hitler Youth; he's capable of firing off a mean one after a single bite of scrambled eggs. Why Kelly LeBrock didn't bang him in the movie remains a head-scratcher. 

Revenge of the Nerds-

Adams College's preeminent perv blew away the student body with a ripping blast on the mike that put even the Alpha Betas' reigning champ Ogre to shame.


This deer-in-headlights man-child from the North Pole shows one Gotham family how idiots in Santa's workshop properly excuse themselves from the dinner table.


Beans and beer: the gastrointestinal equivalent of Pop Rocks and Pepsi.


As a matter of decorum, a gentleman should always break face wind after shotgunning a beer. Here, Kevin Heffernan artfully demonstrates. 

Strange Brew-

Rick Moranis blows the metal door off a beer vat with a single belch, telegraphing the kind of madcap deviance for which he would later become known in movies like Little Giants and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.


He has hot-tubbed with Linda Ronstadt and punched out Wade Boggs, but he's most notorious for one simple thing: a belch that makes his lips quaver like whale labia.


When your dad offers you a beer and some advice, accept both. Then, when he tries to admonish you for not following it, tell him you were shit-faced and that he's got 10 minutes to flee before Social Services arrives.

A Clockwork Orange-

Truth be told, he's the most gregarious rapist in white pants in film history. This belch only adds to his charm.

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