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The 3 Best Parody Twitter Accounts

We checked - there are seriously only three good ones.

For the most part, the Internet is a derivative Human Centipede of reconstituted content. Somewhere in the middle of that chain (Maxim brings up the caboose!) are a series of goonish parody Twitter accounts that spew joke-like rehashes of old email forwards you used to get from a now-deceased great aunt who owned a gerbil farm. Like this:

Either that, or they’re regurgitated attempted cash-ins on widely shared events. Like this:

Yep - it’s still going, in May. But there is the rare parody account that actually goes and does something original – here are some good ones.

‘80s Don Draper

Instead of lazily co-opting a character from a widely watched TV show and sadly attempting to ape what a full team of writers spend their careers trying to do (think of clever things to say), this account takes a familiar character (Don Draper), places him in a hilarious time (the 1980s), and then applies that character’s signature poetic pitch style to Zubaz pants. Bitchin’!

Modern Seinfeld

Speaking of Don Draper! Instead of assuming the identity of a character or actor, this account pitches plots from Seinfeld if it took place today…which somehow makes the original Seinfeld feel as hilariously dated and mom-jeans-ish as it’s sadly kinda starting to feel. In other news: Getting old sucks balls.  

Miguel Bloombito

For those not familiar with New York City’s soda-banning tiny tyrant Michael Bloomberg, take a look at this. Yes, he tries to speak Spanish like a nasal, patronizing Dilbert caricature. 

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