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The 5 Best Songs Sung By Goats

Is it just us, or does Skrillex actually sound better this way?


YouTube has given us many wonderful things over the years, including ADD and carpal tunnel. Nothing, however, has brought us as much joy as the current “Goat Edition” trend, which sees well-known songs intercut with videos of screaming goats, which, in many cases, improves it drastically. Here are the five that made us cry laughing this morning (don’t judge us, we take a lot of Vicodin. We said don’t judge us!)


5. Bon Jovi: Bleatin' On A Prayer



4. Katie Perry: Fire-yurt




3. Adele: Rolling In The Sheep




2. Skrillex: First Hoof The Year



1. Queen: We Are The Chomp-ians



Batman Is Reall!! Also, Sadly, British.

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