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The 5 Reactions of Taylor Swift at Award Shows

As expected, there's a lot of dancing and jumping up and down.

Country singer Taylor Swift has been taking home the gold since her music career began at 18-years-old. In 2008, the starlet won Album of the Year for her debut Fearless, and at last night's Grammys she snagged the same nomination for her 2013 record Red. Unfortunately Taylor went home completely empty-handed, much to her surprise. When Daft Punk's Random Access Memories took home the coveted award instead, her reaction flooded the internet and became the defining gif of the 2014 Grammys award show: 

In her defense, it was a pretty good cover - pretend to be excited for the actual winner and it's all good (as for the overly-ecstatic dude next to her, not so much). Despite the loss, it was just fun for her fans to see a new type of reaction, since traditionally, we only get one of the standard five. Which five? Glad you asked!


1 - Enthusiasm

This gif showcases two Swift trademarks: Firstly, her ability to be super, super excited despite everyone else around her showing, at best, polite tolerance of whatever's happening onstage, and secondly, her ongoing confusion as to what to do with her hands while dancing.


2 - Awkward Dancing

Basically exactly the same as "enthusiasm", but at a more advanced level. This is a reaction that inspires a sort of "D'aww" noise from people sitting next to her, and a sort of "Will you please just sit the hell down" noise from people sitting behind her.

3 - Haha That's Funny I'm Going To Kill You Later

Dancing gets put on hold when the host of the show cracks a few jokes at her expense. "Another joke about how no one should date me because I'll write a song about you? How original!"


4 - Winning

Her winning reaction is an intriguing variant on the first two reactions, since, with the awards, she now has something to do with her hands. To compensate, her entire body waggles about instead.

5 - Seizure

When it all gets too much, Taylor combines the previous four reactions into one epic, wriggly, grinning masterpiece. We look forward to seeing her incorporate her new-found "Surprised At Losing" move at the next awards show. We also look forward to her replying to all our creepy fan mail, but we're not exactly holding our breath for that.

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