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The 5 Worst #MyChristmasWish Tweets

The holiday-themed hashtag #MyChristmasWish has been floating around the Twitter charts (that’s a thing, right kids?), mostly in India for some reason. However, some misguided holiday cheer has seeped into the mix, so we are rounding up the most Scrooge-y of the bunch.


This is EVERYONE’S Christmas wish, obviously.


We don’t even want to know, India’s version of The Body Shop.

Your wish is missing a wish. This seems like more of a #MyChristmasFact.

Stupid hashtag games such as #MyChristmasWish are most definitely going to make that dream come true, funny engineer. Most definitely.

Well our #MyChristmasWish is for diarrhea, so Merry Christmas to all of us!

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