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The 6 Best Political Fist Fights

There are few things less bi-partisan than a punch in the kisser.

With everyone still busy digging up fresh scandals, it seems that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie remains in the middle of a pretty, uh, heavyweight (sorry) political battle. But hey, the iron-jawed butter mountain seems like he could handle himself if in a rumble, so if things take a turn for the worse here, maybe he could consider taking up politics somewhere more “hands on.” Somewhere like:


No, not that Georgia. This Georgia is the small nation in the Caucuses that keeps getting into beef with Russia. Here, a superb bit of official document air-tossing is the prelude to an epic brawl between the ruling party and the opposition last month over whether Georgia should support nearby Ukraine in developing closer ties to the European Union. If these are their politicians, we can’t wait to meet their soccer hooligans! 


Republican state senator Charles Bishop of Alabama responded to one of his Democratic counterparts, Senator Lowell Barron, by calling him a son of a bitch with a surprisingly sturdy right hook to the face during a recess in a 2007 session. "I was raised in the woods of Arkansas and people don't say that about your mom,” Bishop said afterwards, presumably right before sucking in his one remaining tooth and picking up a banjo.

South Korea

Watch the start of this clip for a scream-laden, all-female brawl between two politicians trying to tear each other to pieces in 2009. Then keep watching for what looks like a mass raid of an IKEA store by opposition politicians, who attempted to build a fortress to stop ruling party members from entering Parliament to vote on a bill that would ease restrictions on the ownership of South Korean TV stations. It’s amazing what people will do if they think repeats of Dharma and Greg are in jeopardy.


If you’re a Jordanian opposition minister protesting against fuel price increases, then the way to deal with it would appear to be as follows. Step 1: Wave your hands around like a traffic cop after 78 Red Bulls. Step 2: Gather the porkiest of your be-suited pals and start pushing anyone who comes near you. Step 3: Stop for a bit to look at a short man screaming on the other side of the room, then shrug and continue to shove anyone who comes near you. Politics is easy! 


This vintage clip from 1997 shows the time when the Uttar Pradesh state legislature turned briefly into a scene familiar to anyone who has ever been involved in a prison riot. The “debate” over civil rights turned into an impressive brawl involving microphone stands being used as flying spears, and chairs being flung at the speaker. All in all, much more entertaining than another 15-hour filibuster attempt. 


Trying to make Russian the official language of the eastern part of Ukraine didn’t go down well in the capital Kiev’s chamber in 2012. Rather than booing the brawl or running for their lives when the punches started, most of the government stood respectfully to watch the melee and applauded when particularly good blows were thrown. Rumors of Don King trying to make this year’s session’s cable-pay per view only are, as yet, unconfirmed.

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