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The 6 Greatest Acts Of Wikipedia Vandalism

Don’t worry, this doesn’t need a reference.

Wikipedia, although cited as an airtight source in thousands of college papers, is still the bathroom wall of the worldwide web; anyone can still scribble their concerns, criticisms, or captions on the site at any damn time. And although the janitor, in this case, is way faster (the more hilarious the edit, the quicker it usually gets deleted), thanks to the screen-grabbing skills of those with a solid sense of humor, we can still enjoy the oddest of anger-nuggets (why would anyone have a vendetta against Lou Diamond Phillips?) the Internet has to offer.

Lou Diamond Phillips

The LDP army strikes again.


Although this is a bit repetitive, we’re not sure it can be called “factually inaccurate.”

Esperanza Spalding

You have to respect someone who showed up to deface the page of someone who beat out Bieber for a Grammy, yet refused to even peruse it.

Van Halen

I think we can assume this edit was followed by six and a half minutes of stoned giggling by the guilty parties.

Jeremy Renner

Holy crap, we had no idea (...that he was in a movie called Neo Ned).

Gary Busey

Not sure what the joke is here; this all seems pretty legitimate to us.

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