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The Best (And Loudest) Goat Video You'll See All Day

Cure your post-holiday blues by listening to goats make hilarious noises.

I don't know about you, but when I'm in a funk, nothing brings me out of it like a good screaming goat video. So on New Year's Day, when I was battling a hangover combined with a raging case of the post-holiday blues, I brought my laptop into bed, pulled up YouTube, and typed in those two magical words: "screaming goats." One video led to another led to another, as I fell fast and hard down the YouTube rabbit hole. "I wish someone would make a supercut of these," I said to my husband, who was trying to sleep but couldn't on account of all the goat-screaming. Just then, a video titled "Stupid Goats Making Stupid Noises" appeared in the sidebar, and I clicked on it to discover my prayers had been answered! A 4-minute compilation of my favorite farm animal making ridiculous sounds — not just screaming, but whooping and chortling and beatboxing —  brought me more joy than a billion milligrams of Celexa. Watch it and kiss your doldrums goodbye.

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