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The Best Pranks You Can Pull from Your Desk

Because why punk your friend while standing up like a chump?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until the first day in April to inconvenience, frighten, and generally beleaguer all of your friends. Hell, with these five pranks, you don’t have to even get up from where you’re seated right now. And if that’s not American, we don’t know what is.

“The Call”
There are services on the internet for pretty much everything. Yes, everything. (And don’t go searching for them, you’ll only find yourself in the fetal position crying on the dirty floor of an Eastern European prison.) That’s why we weren’t surprised to find, a free service that allows you to make calls from the corrections facility. On its own, the prank lacks a little “oomph,” but getting your friend to sprint into a jailhouse and demand to see your sweet fish face certainly does pack the correct amount of “oomph.”

Twitter Takeover
You won’t be able to really take over any Twitter account you desire without elite haX0r skillz, but pretending like you do is surprisingly easy. Using services like LemmeTweetThatForYou or the aptly named Fake Tweet Builder, you can create fake screenshots of your friends tweets to distribute in no time. For example, here is a selection from British-as-shit Executive Editor Nick Leftley -

And if you want to go bigger, feel free – the Twittersphere is your oyster.

Exiled from iPhone
This is an easy one, that requires almost no work, and let’s be honest: we all like doing as little work as possible (even when the work is being done to avoid doing actual work). All you need to do is get your grubby mitts on your victim’s unlocked phone. Try telling them that you have no service and you desperately need to call this Nigerian prince to see if your check is in the mail yet. Once you do this, go into the setting and change his phone lock code to a completely different code. And bravo, now your buddy is at the mercy of you and those pretentious snobs at the Genius Bar.

Crowd-Pleasing on Craigslist
If you are looking for something even easier, we’ve got you covered. Just copy and paste the below into Craigslist, put your buddy’s phone number into the brackets, and enjoy.

GIVEAWAY: Video Games and Consoles For Free!
My high-school aged son Mikey thinks that his curfew is just a “suggestion” and therefore we are giving away his extensive collection of video games and consoles, for every console! Call [ ] and ask for Tenpenny McMackenplush. Mikey may answer and pretend that he has no idea what you are talking about - don’t take no for an answer!

And when all else fails…
The classics really never go out of style.

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