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The Best On-Stage Up-Chucks

When it comes to nauseous performers, Bieber’s not the only heaver.




On Saturday night, Justin Bieber kicked off his 45-city national tour by singing his guts out—literally.  The Biebs was midway through his song “Out of Town Girl,” when he turned his back to the audience, hunched over and vomited. (More like Out of Town Hurl, am I right?) After making a hasty exit, he returned to perform, only to run off the stage once more during a nauseous rendition of “Beauty and a Beat.” When he came back after the second horking, he asked the crowd of screaming young tweens, “Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?” We don’t know about them, but we love him only when he’s tossing his cookies. Almost as much as we love these puking performers:


A percussionist who retches to the beat of his own drum:




A choir singer who can really project:




A rapper who spits rhymes (and chunks!):




A dancer whose stomach just nailed a double-reverse spin:




A female weightlifter who can lift 400 pounds, while dropping a few liquid ounces:



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