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The 5 Best Things to Happen in Slow Motion

Life in the fast lane can get a little tiring sometimes.

With the new iPhone dropping next week, the rumor mill is at full churn, including the nugget that the new set may include a slow-motion camera. With slow motion capability arriving for the masses, you’ll be seeing more slow-motion eating, slow-motion really-far-away concert footage, and slow-motion selfies in front of famous places. So, before you become completely fed up with slow motion video of any kind, we’d like to show you some of its greatest hits (but of course, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself).

Exploding Watermelon

These guys run a YouTube channel where literally all they do is make awesome shit happen in slow motion. In this episode, they blow up a watermelon using nothing but a rubber band. Well, hundreds of rubber bands, but you get the idea.

Scorpion Sting

This video is great, because not only do you get to see an exotic animal totally stab the shit out of a guy’s arm, but you also get bonus slo-mo face-slapping, which is no doubt a classic. Maybe we could have done without four minutes of ramp up, but who are we to complain? Slow motion scorpion ownage is better than no scorpion ownage at all.

Fast Animals

This clip from the BBC introduces us to a couple animals that are way on top of their slow motion game. First, a lizard with the world’s fastest tongue annihilates a cricket, who was just minding his own cricket business, sitting on a rock and pondering what crickets ponder (which is probably something like, “I wonder when I’m going to be eaten by some lizard with a badass tongue?”). Then, we meet the Mantis Shrimp, an ocean floor bully who goes around punching the shit out of tinier creatures so hard that the water around the impact actually boils. Impressive, no doubt, but can he look like this while he does it? 

Mini Gun Destruction

As you can imagine, the slow motion game has the “shooting things” market pretty covered, but did you know there is a whole genre just dedicated to the devastation that miniguns can inflict? We like this particular one because of the one mason jar that survives. You can try to destroy rustic quirkiness, but it will endure!

Running Cheetah


Whoa. Look at this dude run. His feet are like, barely touching the ground! We wish that we could run this fast. We feel like we could watch this for almost five minutes straight. Oh shit, we just DID watch this for five minutes straight. We love this cheetah, man, he’s just like, gliding through the air. Wait, when did we get high?

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