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The Five Weirdest Election Gifts

Whether red or blue, support your candidate in the strangest possible way.

Election season is chock full of choices, but one stands above all. That’s right: what weird election-themed gifts should you buy for your loved ones?

Luckily, we here at Maxim scour every dark corner of the internet for you (seriously, let us do it for you, it’s pretty severe) in search of the most bizarre political products from either side. Read on to see what we unearthed, but beware; after this, you might be voting independent.

Presidential Condoms

A true supporter doesn’t lose his fervor for “canvassing,” even in the bedroom. Strap it on and do some real campaigning.

Presidential Chia

You can grow your support base, or you can grow moss out of a base shaped like the candidates' respective heads. Which one sounds like more fun?

Mint Romney and 'O'bama Lotion

Life on the trail can certainly dry out those elbows, but you can’t just use some brand-name bipartisan moisturizer to lube ‘em up. Conservatives can use the refreshing “Mint Romney” while liberals will slather on the citrus-y 'O'bama.

Candidate Toilet Paper

We’re not sure if buying a roll of TP with your dude’s face on it is supportive or, well, crappy.

Political Poopers

To continue down the scatological path (where we at Maxim often find ourselves), these adorable wind-up toys do what most politicians tend to do in real life: march in time while leaving a trail of candy-coated turds in their wake.

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