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The Gangnam Style Halloween Home

Is this what they mean by "house music"?

We know that the whole Gangnam Style thing is played out, ok? We know. It's over, done, dead (with the possible exception of the incredible Big Trouble In Little China tribute that emerged recently, at least). But we're total suckers for people that put wayyy too much time and energy into nominally pointless endeavors, especially when it involves using 8,500 lights to make an animated pumpkin scare the shit out of trick or treaters with terrible Korean dance music. Honestly, if this was our house, we would never, ever take this stuff down. Check out the video below:

Still, as amazing as this is, it's still not quite up there with the all-time greatest: The creepy Christmas house that rocks out to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's 'Wizards In Winter':

It's been seven years and we're still making people watch that video. Er...and this one. Sorry, but some things never get old.

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