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The National Spelling Bee’s Best Moments Ever

Tomorrow marks the start of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN, which is undoubtedly the most appropriate channel for a children’s spelling bee. We would hazard a guess that this is not something that you would readily tune into, but alas, there have been some moments that have shook the entire world of sports and culture (or maybe just jostled, like, the world of spelling).

I bet you thought you wouldn’t be within 10 miles of a badass at the spelling bee, but boy, were you wrong. Akshay Buddiga got slammed with “alopecoid,” a word so hard it literally knocked all the blood out of Buddiga’s head. The 13-year-old stumbled and then ultimately hit the ground with the thump and was immediately tended to by, uh, nobody. Not to be deterred by silly things like health and consciousness, Buddiga rises, slam dunks “alopecoid” right down the judge’s word-gullet and takes his seat like a boss. We don’t know if Akshay Buddiga won that year, but AKSHAY BUDDIGA WON THAT YEAR.

We like to fancy ourselves a funny bunch, but Sameer Mishra has got some real comedy chops. Mishra gets the word “numnah,” which sounds hilariously similar to “numb-nut.” Instead of goofing around on it like most kids, he plays it straight, and crushes with the crowd. In fact, Mishra went on to win the entire competition that year. Looks like comic timing isn’t the only thing he’s good at.

You can’t tell us that this little lady hasn't had that zinger in the chamber for years. Finally, she’s on the big stage and she’s got her chance. She should have taken a big ol’ bow and said “That’s all for me folks, goodnight!” Mostly because her turn went downhill from there. 

The most notable part of this clip is how vociferously the other participants applaud this kid’s complete disregard for the decorum of the contest after he realizes he blew his chance. Is this the beginning of the revolution? You know, the one specific to kids who are forced by their parents to look at index cards 16 hours a day?

Finally, there is Kennyi Aouad. This kid can’t get through the word “sardoodledom” without losing his ever-loving mind (rightfully so, it's a hilarious word). The moderator sounds less than impressed, but that doesn’t deter this little champion, who tries later to get a little bit of extra information out of Mr. Spelling-is-no-laughing-matter. And then, like a true champion, he lines it up and knocks it down, to which we can only imagine the moderator angrily screamed “KENNNNNYYYIII!”

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