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The Opulent, Bizarre & Creepy Items Found Inside the Ukrainian President’s Home

A hovercraft, suits of armor, and a zoo filled with bears are just a few of his favorite things.



Considering how poor the Ukrainian economy is, it might seem unsettling that the President’s mansion seems more suited to an eccentric fairy tale king. After Viktor Yanukovych fled the country on Saturday protestors descended upon his compound. However, instead of spending the week destroying and ransacking his property, they’ve been touring and taking pictures as if it were Hearst Castle. Here’s an inventory of some of the things they found that probably were not purchased with the president’s salary of approximately $450 a month.

-A giant wooden ship used as a banquet hall (pictured above)
-Massive rare and sports car collections
-Suits of armor
-A hovercraft
-A zoo with bears and antelope
-$42 million dollars worth of light fixtures
-Dozens of houses for ducks
-A boxing ring
-A boat collection
-A helicopter pad
-A portrait of himself dressed as Julius Caesar and a blanket with his face on it
-An outdoor pen filled with ostriches and other exotic birds
-Solid gold currency
-A bowling alley
-Faux Roman ruins
-Marble BBQ tables
-Two bells by his bedside table: one for sex, one for alcohol

Um, so...that's happening. What weird items would people be surprised to find in your hypothetical presidential mansion after running you out of the country? Tell us in the comments.

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