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The Rich Fat Cats Of Instagram

rich cats
You may remember the rage inducing Rich Kids of Instagram, where sepia-toned trust funders post pictures of six-figure checks, private aircraft and massive marble pools filled with the moisturizing tears of the proles. It caused a bit of a stir. Well, prepare your righteous sense of Marxist fury for Rich Cats of Instagram, a Tumblr dedicated to the lifestyles of the rich and feline.


Image courtesy of nadianicolew via Instagram


While even the cat butlers hired to spoonfeed them beluga caviar and unicorn blood probably make more money than you do, it’s difficult to get angry at kitties lounging with bottles of Cristal. Without opposable thumbs, cats can’t even open a bottle of champagne (Source: science)! Let alone slice a bottle of bubbly open with your great-grandfather’s cavalry saber, the way it’s properly done.


By the way, make sure you watch seconds 16-18 of the above video to look into the eyes of a man who we're fairly sure has seriously considered having sex with a candelabra.


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